The primary key to keeping your vehicle running smooth and like new is with proper vehicle maintenance. Maintenance neglect is a lot of the times the main reason you see vehicles break down and/or left stranded on the side of the road. Sometimes it is due to the vehicle owner not taking care of a maintenance item when they should have but, a lot of the times it’s because no one ever told the owner anything obvious was wrong with their vehicle. By choosing Automotive Performance & Repair as your service provider, we will make sure to keep you informed and up to date with your vehicle. We take the time to do the job right while also completing a multi-point inspection for every vehicle that is serviced at our facility so that we may advise you on anything that may come up that is in need of your attention. With preventive maintenance we will help you keep your vehicle running longer while greatly reducing the chances of you being stranded on the side of the road.




​- Oil, Lube & Filter Service

- Battery Replacement & Service

- Engine, Cabin Air & Fuel Filter 

- Tune-ups

- Timing Belts

- Drive Belts

- Hoses

- Wiper Blades

- Brake Service

- Shocks / Struts

- Coolant System Flush

- Brake Fluid Flush

- Power Steering Fluid Exchange

- Air / Fuel Induction Service

- Transmission Fluid Flush 

- Driveline Service


       Multipoint Inspection



A complementary inspection is first performed at the beginning of your service to notify you of any other items that may need your attention.



- Horn Operation

- Lights and Lamps

- Washer System 

- Parking Brake

- Engine/Cabin Filters

- Battery Check

- Hoses

- Belts

- Top off All Fluids

- Axles/Drive Shaft

- Steering Linkage

- Suspension

- Oil Leaks

- Tire Pressures

- Tire Condition

- Wheels

- Brake System




​When your vehicle service is complete, we provide a complementary window cleaning and interior vacuum service. Keeping your windows clean insures you can see your surrounding area better when driving and keeping the interior tidy creates a better interior atmosphere for your driving comfort.