For our fellow auto enthusiasts that are looking to make their vehicles stand out from the rest, we can help. Whether you are looking for performance modifications for adding more power or handle better to visual and monitoring modification with gauges, LEDs, or getting that perfect stance for your ride, we can help make it happen.


Nothing makes your car stand out more at night than some lighting effects on your vehicle. From underglow kits to under dash lighting we can get it taken care of for you. HID lighting is a great way to improve the brightness of your headlights and make things easier to see at night for a safer drive at night. For those of you that have ventured into the performance world, a good set of extra gauges for monitoring new parameters can be very important to make sure your vehicle is running as it should. Whatever the case may be make sure you come to us for a quality and professional install. 


Vinyl wrapping is the cheaper and reversible version of painting parts on your car. The most popular use of vinyl wrap is to black out the roofs of cars to give it a glass like look from the front windshield to the rear glass. Vinyl is also a good option for parts like mirrors, trunk garnishes and interior dash panels. Whatever you may have in mind just ask us and will let you know if we can handle it for you. Do note we do not offer full body vinyl wraps. 


The first modification made by most car enthusiast are intake, headers, exhaust, pulleys, and maybe a tune of some sort. Well if you want to make sure your setup is installed correctly or need help sourcing out the parts you need we can get it done for you. We understand not everyone has the know how or tools to get these mods done so don’t chance on trying to do these mods on your own and possibly causing leaks or damage to your new parts. Get your parts to us and will make sure to get a quality install done the right way.


Suspension modifications can drastically improve your vehicles handling. Not everyone has the know how skills or tools to perform the task of installing suspension components. Just installing springs can turn to a very dangerous or even deadly situation when not done correctly. Whether you’re simply wanting to drop your cars center of gravity for the lowered look or beef up your suspension to build a corner shredding machine we can help you achieve your goals. Trust us with your shocks, springs, sway bars, braces, tower bars, coilovers, bushings, motor mount, etc installs. 

Service not offered at this time

Fender rolling is almost always necessary when you’re trying to get a wider wheel installed that wasn’t meant for the vehicle or your trying to fit a wider tire than will not fit without rubbing. We have the tools necessary to make a little more room underneath those fenders to fit your new setup and minimize or eliminate rubbing. Don’t risk destroying your fenders by using some crazy methods like a baseball bat and jack. Get it done the right way from us. Note: We currently do not offer pulling methods or trimming. We can get your fenders rolled at a low cost. Any trimming or further work required will be up to the customer. 

Service not offered at this time