Customer brought in there vehicle to have the conventional springs replaced with air shocks to have full adjustability on ride height. We got it on a lift and started removal of all 4 springs to replace with bags and the shocks disassembled to remove the bump stops for mazimum drop. Also plummed in all new air lines from the bags to the AirLift module that will have full controll over the bag pressures with a controller that comes with their kit. To supply the air we plummed in 2 new VIAIR compressors and a tank to hold that air on demand when needed. The tank that was picked for the job was done so that it would fit in the spare tire compartment along with the compressors and module to keep all the trunk space and make it appear as if nothing was there. Customer had nothing but good things to say about the work and was very pleased with the end results. 

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